Getting active

The new school year is well under way and later this month families will enjoy half term. I heard this week that October is Walk to School Month, which got me thinking about the BPS behaviour change briefing on physical (in)activity.

It notes that in 2008 only 32 per cent of boys and 24 per cent of girls achieved the recommended level of physical activity.

The Society’s briefing is primarily about physical activity in adults, but it does support the idea of incorporating more exercise into your daily routine rather than suddenly joining a gym. And perhaps parents could get more exercise by walking with their children and arranging activities for half term?

Many will already know how keen I am on running, and it's been good to run together with other psychologists in various places around the country. I'm thinking of seeing if we can get psychologists running together at a number of events around the UK next year too.

Only a thought at this stage but it might be yet another, slightly different, way of continuing to raise our profile.

You can hear the lead author of the briefing, Mark Uphill, talking about the ideas behind it in an audio interview on the BPS website.

The Society has published five of these behaviour change briefings. The other topics covered are:

  • school attendance, exclusion and persistent absence
  • energy conservation
  • tax and tax compliance
  • personal debt.