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2014 Division of Educational and Child Psychology Annual Development Event

Conference Venue: Oxford Hotel, Oxford
Division of Educational and Child Psychology (DECP)

From: 08 Jan 2014
To: 10 Jan 2014
Keynote Speaker(s)

Inquiry based leadership – A 21st century challenge

Professor Barry Carpenter OBE
Honorary Professor at the Universities of Worcester (UK), Limerick (Ireland), Hamburg (Germany), and Flinders (Australia)

Recent research into the changing pattern of childhood disability (Carpenter et al., 2011) has defined a new generation of children with complex learning disabilities entering our school system. These children are pervasive across all types of schools and require a distinctive pedagogy matched to their profile of learning need.

The challenge to teaching and learning from these standards is such that teachers have to engage more than ever with classroom-based inquiry, seeking solutions for and with the student and their family; solutions that will enable deep engagement in learning.

These pedagogical and curriculum regeneration processes place demands on leadership in schools. Traditional models may no longer be effective in guiding and supporting staff. That is not to deflate or dismiss the successful practice of many of our school leaders, but rather to suggest that a new dimension may be required in the leadership portfolio of the 21st century.

This dimension is inquiry-based leadership, where Principals and their senior leadership teams adopt a more enabling and facilitative approach, walking alongside their teaching colleagues as they make the journey of discovery, through inquiry, that will evolve the personalised pathway to learning for the students with complex learning needs.

This presentation is a first attempt to analyse and profile a model of inquiry-based leadership that is responsive to new generation children and new generation pedagogy.




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