There are a number of potential sources of funding for postgraduate study, and considerable variation in the application procedures and deadlines. However, almost without exception, they require the support of a host department and a prospective supervisor.

This means that applying for a place to study is the first thing you should do. Departments who offer you a place should then be able to advise you on which type of funding it might be most appropriate to seek.

You should bear in mind that all sources of funding are likely to be highly competitive, and departments may even be required to rank their candidates in terms of whom they think are strongest.

For this reason it is important to begin the application process early and to give serious thought to the precise area in which you want to conduct research, and what questions you will try to address. Well-prepared candidates definitely stand a better chance of securing funding.

Sources of funding for postgraduate research degrees fall into four categories:

There are also funding schemes aimed specifically at overseas students.

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