Clinical Neuropsychology

The Society offers the Qualification in Clinical Neuropsychology (QiCN) which confers eligibility for entry onto the Society's Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists.

If you want to work as a Clinical Neuropsychologist this qualification establishes a standard of practice that will help you demonstrate essential skills and underpin knowledge required of a professional in this field. The QiCN confers eligibility to be entered onto the Society's Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists and is managed by the Clinical Neuropsychology Qualifications Board.

If you wish to apply to enrol for the QiCN please ensure that you use the forms below and refer to the current candidate handbook and regulations. The enrolment booklet contains the forms that you need to complete for your enrolment, along with sample log sheets for your clinical portfolio which you will need when preparing your clinical portfolio for assessment. When applying to enrol, you must ensure that you include all the necessary forms and documentation as detailed in the Candidate Handbook.

Please note that the Qualifications Office will not be able to process incomplete applications and that incomplete applications will be returned to applicants for completion via recorded delivery. Your application date will, therefore, be the date when your completed application has been received in the Qualifications Office and not necessarily the date you first applied.

Handbooks and Enrolment

Useful Information

Fees for the QiCN are reviewed annually and any changes are usually implemented on 1 January each year.

Coordinating Supervisor Workshops (for new and existing supervisors)

Candidate Workshops



Assessment of for the QiCN takes place twice per year for the practice dimension, in the Spring and Autumn. Assessment of the research dimension and knowledge dimension (for those who are not exempt) take place once per year. Please note that for the knowledge dimension you do not have to sit the exams and submit your essays in the same year.

You must ensure that you pay close attention to the assessment dates as late registrations or submissions cannot be accepted.