Ambassador Programme

Our Ambassador programme is an easy and effective way for delegates to gain access to the networking communities that are such an important part of the conference experience.

This programme is for any delegate who wants to expand their networks within clinical psychology and other related areas

We will match delegates with Conference Ambassadors, who will introduce Ambassadees to their network. The programme has been specially designed to make sure each delegate feels welcomed to the conference and able to make helpful contacts with others at the conference who have shared interests.

Applications are now closed for DCP 2018 Conference


An Ambassadee is:

A first time DCP conference attendee or someone who has attended before and wants to expand their network.

Someone who is motivated to make the most of their conference experience, committed to communicating and meeting with their Ambassador, and appreciative of the time that Ambassador devotes to them.

An Ambassador is:

A DCP member interested in helping other DCP conference attendees make the most out of their experience.

Someone who can explain how to get more involved in the DCP (e.g. joining committees; submitting papers or posters for the DCP conference; participating in social events, etc.).

Participation as an Ambassador involves only minimal effort, including the following:

  • Connect with the Ambassadee (you may be partnered with up to 3) at least once prior to the annual conference via e-mail or phone.
  • Meet with the Ambassadee at least once on-site at the conference (coffee, a drink, whatever you prefer).
  • Help the Ambassadee network at the conference by introducing him or her to some of your colleagues.