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Cognitive Psychology Section Annual Award 

The BPS Cognitive Psychology Section Award recognises outstanding published contributions to research in the area of Cognitive Psychology. Eligible publications are limited to scientific journal papers reporting novel observations and providing significant theoretical insight into human cognition. The Award Panel will give greater consideration to studies with broad appeal and widespread implications, particularly studies that address longstanding problems and that advance conceptual understanding in unexpected or counterintuitive ways.

Nominated publications for the award should have a publication date of within two years, the majority of the work should have been conducted in the UK and at least one of the authors of the paper should currently be based in the UK, but they need not be a member of the BPS. It is customary for a UK-based winner of the award to present a keynote address at the Annual Cognitive Section Conference.

All eligible, nominated publications will be considered by the Award Panel, comprising a subgroup of the Cognitive Psychology Section Committee in consultation with expert assessors, if necessary. An electronic copy of the relevant publication should be submitted, along with a supporting statement of not more than 500 words from a nominator (which might be one of the authors). It is the responsibility of the nominator to ensure that the authors consent to their work being considered for the award and that the authors are available to present the keynote address at the conference.

This award is open to members and non-members iof The British Psychological Society. 

Nomination process

Using the online nomination form the following information is required:

  1. Name, title, organisation/affiliation, BPS membership number, contact telephone and email address of the nominee(s) - if you are not a member enter n/a
  2. Name, title, organisation/affiliation, BPS membership number, contact telephone and email address of the nominator(s) - if you are not a member enter n/a
  3. Nomination statement (maximum 500 words in narrative format) 
  4. Supporting documentary evidence - an electronic copy of the relevant publication 

The closing date for nominations is 1 April 

If you have any queries please email [email protected] quoting 'Cognitive Annual Award' in the subject line

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