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Call out for papers on 'Formulation Beyond Therapy'

We hope this is an opportunity to influence the way Clinical Psychology is practiced and how it is used by and for wider society.

There is a call out for proposals for papers to be included in a special issue of the Clinical Psychology Forum called 'Formulation Beyond Therapy' - in collaboration with the British Psychological Society (BPS) Community Psychology Section.

But you don't have to be a BPS member (or a psychologist!) to submit proposals.

About Clinical Psychology Forum

Clinical Psychology Forum (CPF) is a professional publication, which is distributed to all of the 10,000+ members of the BPS Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP). CPF is the official member publication of the DCP, and as such acts as a conduit between DPC leaders and members. It publishes empirical research, professional commentaries, correspondence, as well as some regular columns (e.g. ethics).

Working Title of Special Issue:

Formulation beyond therapy - in collaboration with the BPS Community Psychology Section

Rationale for this special issue

Clinical psychology is having a greater influence outside the therapy room, intervening at social, political and even global levels. In doing so, one of our skillsets which is vital but often not articulated within those broader contexts is formulation. The ability to formulate problems and routes out of those problems as applicable to societal issues as it is to therapy. The transferable elements of understanding and articulating context, development, theory, practice, and the range of human experience within a strong or emerging evidence base is key to finding route through difficulties.

Community Psychology has long been active in de-individualising psychology - ensuring practice includes formulating social context and intervening through social and collective action. We thought this would be a great opportunity to collaborate across these two networks of the BPS and progress our practice and thinking.

This special issue is intended to include a range of different topics; the theme of the issue is formulation beyond therapy, rather than a specific ‘issue’. Contributors may for example choose to formulate things like:

- How do we as a society come to de-personalise refugees, whilst at the same seeking out personal stories?

- Why did psychology as a profession become complicit in torture?

- What is our psychological understanding of the rise of neoliberalism?

- What part does social media have to play in the dichotomising of discussions?

But these are just ideas!


Special issues include 7-9 articles of 2,500 words (including references, tables, appendices). All articles should also include a diagrammatic formulation to accompany the narrative.

Proposals - what to do next:

Anyone is welcome to send proposals for papers this special issue (you don't need to be a member of the BPS/Division of Clinical Psychology/Community Psychology Section!)

Send a brief summary paragraph to Sally Z via this website (or send a request for my email address) by 1st March 2016 - Sally and Stephen Weatherhead will be editing the special issue.


Proposal for paper - 1st March 2016

One month review turnaround

Revisions made -

Print month TBC

Many thanks
Sally (Member of the BPS Community Psychology Section Committee)