Community Psychology Section

Community Psychology Section Collaborative Action Prize 2019

Members of the Community Psychology Section are invited to apply for the Community Psychology Collaborative Action Project Prize 2018

The aim of the prize is to encourage collaborative action-oriented community psychology praxis, the Community Psychology Section will be awarding up to three prizes for collaborative action projects.

There will be up to three prizes for a community psychology collaborative action project.

Each successful collaboration will: (1) receive a Certificate of Achievement awarded by the Chair of the Community Psychology Section to each partner; (2) have an opportunity to present their work at a forthcoming Community Psychology Section event in 2019/20; and (3) be able to share their work with other Section members via one of the Community Psychology Section’s electronic newsletters.

Applications will be accepted until 31st January 2019 at 5pm.

Please go to the links below for the criteria, timescales and application form.

Criteria and timescales

Application form