Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section

Welcome to the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section!

Consciousness was the original focus of psychological research and is once more a central topic of inquiry. The growth of interest and research over recent years has been explosive and to help foster this development the Consciousness and Experiential Psychology (CEP) Section was formed in 1997 as the first network of a nationally representative body of professional psychologists devoted to the study of Consciousness in the modern era. Its purpose is to advance our understanding of consciousness, to bring scientific research on consciousness closer to other traditions of inquiry into the nature of mind and to explore how this research can be used to improve the quality of life.

The Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Section provides a forum to exchange ideas and promote research into all aspects of consciousness research and experiential psychology. Throughout the year we hold regular events and contact members with email updates and news. (The presence of an event on the CEP Web, Facebook or Twitter pages, or email, does not imply that the network formally supports the position presented). By becoming a member you will have full access to all the pages on our site; qualify for discounts when attending CEP events; receive a copy of our regular newsletter, Consciousness and Experience; and have the opportunity to meet other members and discuss topics relevant to this crucial area of psychology. Some possible reading about the area is available under the Resources tab.

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