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Annual Conference


20th Annual Consciousness and Experiential Psychology Conference

Friday 7 - Saturday 8 September 2018

Regents University, Regents Park, London

This conference will explore exceptional experiences such as mystical, spiritual, psychic, NDE and other 'anomalous' experiences. It will also address experiences engendered through the use of psychedelics. Such experiences can involve a sense of interconnectedness, a wider sense of self, a sense of peace, joy, bliss, awe and/or wonder and may be perceptually intense. In some cases they appear to offer exceptional knowledge. In many instances such exceptional experiences have a positive transformative effect on the experient.

The conference will look at accounts of exceptional experience, positive aspects of altered states, recent research on what is happening in the brain in altered states such as meditation and the benefits of exceptional experience, seen for example in recent work on the potential therapeutic benefit of various psychedelics in addressing depression.  All welcome.


Keynote Speakers

We are very fortunate to present leading-edge keynote speakers including:

Professor Etzel Cardeña (Lund University, Sweden) will discuss positive aspects of altered states. Etzel directs the Center for Research on Consciousness and Anomalous Psychology. His research concerns altered states, anomalous experience, hypnosis and dissociation. His books include the authoritative Varieties of Anomalous Experience 2014 and Altering Consciousness: Multi-disciplinary Perspectives 2011.

Professor Milan Scheidegger (University of Zurich) will discuss his research on biomechanisms underlying the application of psychedelics for therapeutic purposes. Milan is a neuropsychiatrist who is also interested in the neurophenomenology of altered states. See

Professor Chris Roe (Northampton) 'Making sense of exceptional experience'. Chris directs the Centre for the Study of Anomalous Psychological Phenomena at Northampton. He will draw on recent analyses of large collections of exceptional experiences held at the Alister Hardy Research Centre and in the JB Priestly collection as well as the experiences of  mediums.

Other speakers will discuss the nature of exceptional experience, NDEs, recent research on altered states, and psychological factors in exceptional experience.


Call for Papers

CEP conferences are generally interdisciplinary and we welcome submissions from both psychologists and those from other disciplines. Submissions can be papers, posters, workshops, or symposia on any aspect of exceptional and anomalous experiences. We are offering five bursaries for students and early career researchers. Most papers will be allocated 30 mins. Those presenting at the conference need to register.


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