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CEP Annual Conference 2018: Exceptional Experiences

7 - 8 September 2018 - Regents University, London

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Previous Events

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2018 Mind Wandering & Mindfulness Conference

2017 Social Robotics & Human Experience Workshop

2016 Annual Conference: Temporal Experience

2015 Altered States of Consciousness Series: Spiritual States

2015 Annual Conference: Variations in the Sense of Self - Emergence and Transcendence

2014 Annual Conference: Investigating Somatic Consciousness - Beginning with Three Methodologies

2014 Altered Stated of Consciousness Series: Drug States

2013 Annual Conference: Intersubjectivity and Emotion

2013 Altered States of Consciousness Series: Hypnosis

2012 Annual Conference: Neurophenomenology

2011 Annual Conference: Crisis and Consciousness

2010 Annual Conference: Nature and Human Nature

2010 Unconscious Processes Workshop

2009 Annual Conference: Consciousness and Belief - Do Beliefs Affect Experience?

2008 Free Will Workshop

2007 Annual Conference: Reflection, Self-Actualisation, and Awareness

2006 Annual Conference: Exploring the Boundaries of Experience and Self

2005 Annual Conference: Reconstructing Consciousness, Mind, and Being

2005 Perception, Intersubjectivity and Development Workshop

2004 Annual Conference: Science, Self, and Meaning

2003 Annual Conference: Enactive Consciousness - Perception, Intersubjectivity, and Empathy

2002 1st European Conference on Positive Psychology

2001 Annual Conference: Consciousness and Awareness

2000 Annual Conference: Imagination and Transformation

1999 Annual Conference: Consciousness and Wellbeing

1998 Annual Conference: Consciousness and Subjectivity

1997 Annual Conference: Consciousness and Change

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