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Welcome to the faculty for HIV and Sexual Health website.

The HIV and Sexual Health Faculty provides a forum for psychologists, and other professionals working in the area of HIV and sexual health, to discuss common issues, and to promote research and learning in the field.


Faculty Event & AGM

"Sex, Love and Relationships in the modern era"

4 February 2019, 9am - 5pm

BPS London Office

Register here: https://www.bps.org.uk/events/sex-love-and-relationships-modern-era


Our Aims

The Faculty aims to:

  • Foster effective psychological services to people whose lives have been affected by HIV and Sexual Health issues
  • Raise awareness of psychological issues in HIV and sexual health work
  • Provide a forum for the presentation and discussion of issues, experience and findings in HIV and sexual health work
  • Facilitate communication and support among psychologists and other professionals working in the field
  • Promote psychological research which enhances the lives of people affected by HIV and sexual health issues
  • Advise and influence relevant organisations and policy about the psychology of people affected by sexual health and HIV issues


  • Regular meetings are held each year and each has a theme relevant to psychology, HIV and sexual health. Presentations are made by group members and invited speakers, with general discussion encouraged.
  • Symposia at relevant conferences are also organised (eg: at AIDSIMPACT and BPS conferences) with financial support and encouragement for trainee and recently qualified psychologists to present, provided in certain cases.


Full membership is open to Division of Clinical Psychology members only, however all members may attend study days and conferences and receive the Faculty notices.


Full and Associate membership £15.00 

Affiliate membership £10.00

Once the initial joining fee is paid, fees will be taken annually via the BPS Subscriptions team.

Member Annoucement & Discussion list

Discussion List

The Faculty for HIV & Sexual Health has developed an e-mail discussion list for the Faculty membership. This e-mail discussion forum aims to:

  • Help individuals working in a HIV and sexual health setting exchange information and opinion and to seek views of colleagues about services, policy implementation, employment and other matters.
  • Enable the coordination of responses to consultations

To join please contact the list administrator

Announcement List

The Faculty has also developed an email announcement list for its membership. By joining this list, you will be kept up to date with information about the Faculty, relevant Society initiatives and forthcoming workshops. The list is also used to alert members to new policy and guidance produced by the Department of Health, National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence and other bodies. To finf out more please click here.





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