DCP The Faculty for People with Intellectual Disabilities

Joining and benefits


  • Full membership of the Faculty is open to psychologists who are Full Members of the Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) and who work in or have an interest or expertise in the field of people with intellectual disabilities.
  • Affiliate membership is open to General (Pre-Training) and In-Training members of the DCP. Affiliate members may take part in discussions but may not vote. 
  • Associate membership is open to General members of the DCP and non-Division members. Associate members members may take part in discussions but may not vote. (Please note if you are not a member of the Society you will not be able to access the website, publications in the BPS Shop or receive emails via the Member Network announcement email list)

How to join

To join the faculty, please download and complete the Faculty application form and return with the relevant payment to:

British Psychological Society, 
PO Box 87
Oakengates DO

If you have any queries about joining the faculty, please contact the Member Network Services Team on 0116 252 9515.