Developmental Psychology Section

Previous Conferences

Presentation slides and a promotional video are available for the 2014 Amsterdam conference

A complete list of BPS Developmental Psychology Section Annual Conferences, 1973 - Present.


Southampton University 1979
('Social Aspects of Cognitive Development and Cognitive Aspects of Social Development')

Surrey University 1989Nottingham 1999Nottingham Trent University 2009


Nottingham University 1978
('Intervention or Interference')

Coleg Harlech 1988Lancaster 1998Oxford Brookes University 2008 

Girton College Cambridge 1977
('Teaching and Learning Throughout Childhood')

York University 1987

Loughborough University 1997

Plymouth University 2007

Stratford-Upon-Avon 2017

Promotional Video

University of Surrey 1976
('The Child's Representation of His World')

Exeter University 1986Oxford University 1996Royal Holloway, University of London 2006Belfast 2016

University of York 1975
('The Development of Thinking and Reasoning')

Queens University, Belfast 1985Strathclyde University 1995 Edinburgh University 2005Manchester 2015

University of Birmingham 1974
('Ethology or Observation')

Lancaster University 1984 ('Beyond 1984: Future Trends in Developmental Psychology')

Portsmouth University 1994 Leeds Metropolitan University 2004 Amsterdam 2014

University of Nottingham 1973
('Psycho-Social Development in Early Childhood')

Oxford University 1983Birmingham University 1993Coventry University 2003Reading 2013


Durham University 1982 (‘Current Trends in Developmental Psychology’)

Edinburgh University 1992

Sussex University 2002

Strathclyde University 2012


Manchester University 1981 (‘Applying Developmental Psychology’)

Cambridge University 1991Worcester University 2001

Newcastle University/Northumbria University 2011


Edinburgh University 1980
(‘Language Communication and Understanding’)

Stirling University 1990Bristol University 2000Goldsmiths, University of London 2010