Division of Academics, Researchers & Teachers in Psychology

Psychology Teaching Review (PTR)

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For potential submissions, contact the general editor, Dr Rebecca Stack , or download the Notes to Contributors.

For book reviews, contact the Book Review Editor, Dr Gillian Hendry

Editorial Board

General Editor
Dr Rebecca Stack

Interim Editorial Assistant 
Karen Goldsmith

Board Members:

Emeritus Professor James Hartley            
University of Keele

Dr Xenya Kantaris                                      
Kingston University, London

Dr Lim Kok Kwang                                      
James Cook University, Singapore

Paul Humphreys                                         
Independent Educational Consultant

Dr Emma Williams                                      
University of Bath

Dr Susanna Lai Yeung                              
The Open University of Hong Kong

Dr. Phil Banyard                                         
Nottingham Trent University

Dr. Andrew J. Holliman                                
Coventry University

Dr Julie Hulme                                            
Keele University

Helen Kitching                                              
Gildredge House Free School

Dr Tim Jones                                               
Coventry University

Deborah Gajic                                             
Polesworth School

Dr Kevin Wilson-Smith                                  
University of Cumbria

Contributors should note that publication in PTR requires strict adherence to the Society's ethical standards.