Division of Clinical Psychology

The Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) promotes the professional interests of Clinical Psychologists across the UK.

We work to promote and develop clinical psychology as a profession and as a body of knowledge and skills. As well as enhancing psychological knowledge and understanding for the benefit of the UK population.

The DCP works closely with a number of organisations including the NHS, the government in all four nations, other professional bodies, groups in the voluntary sector and service users and carers.

We support our members by providing training and advice, by holding regular events, and by keeping members up to date with the latest divisional news.




Our mission is:
To support and promote Clinical Psychology, working collaboratively with people who use our services and wider communities to improve wellbeing
To promote the unique contribution of Clinical Psychology that cannot be replicated by other approaches

Our key ethical principles are based on the ‘Universal Declaration of Ethical Principles for Psychologists’

  • Principle I: Respect for the Dignity of Persons and Peoples
  • Principle II: Competent Caring for the Well-Being of Persons and Peoples
  • Principle III: Integrity
  • Principle IV: Professional and Scientific Responsibilities to Society

And the principles of the ‘British Psychological Society Code of Ethics and Conduct’:

  • Respect
  • Competence
  • Responsibility
  • Integrity

This will include an emphasis upon being:

  • Open, honest and transparent
  • Accountable
  • Evidence based
  • Inclusive              

In order for the DCP to deliver its mission, its strategic goals are to:

  • To promote and develop the profession of Clinical Psychology
  • To promote and develop research and theory in relation to Clinical Psychology
  • To support safe, effective, high quality provision of Clinical Psychology
  • To provide support to our members and promote member networks
  • To promote the professional voice of Clinical Psychology
  • To strive to improve the wellbeing of the whole population through working with relevant systems and organisations
  • To work in partnership with Service Users, Carers, Professional Bodies, Voluntary Organisations and other key stakeholders
  • Ensure effective and efficient functioning of the Executive and subsystems

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