Division of Clinical Psychology

East of England Branch

The Annual General Meeting of the Division of Clinical Psychology, East of England Branch  will be held on Monday 24 September 2018, 4pm, at Girton College, Cambridge, Huntingdon Rd, Girton, Cambridge CB3 0JG.


Annual General Meeting agenda and reports

If you have any queries regarding the AGM, nominations or resolutions please email 
Member Network Services.


DCP East of England Annual Conference & AGM 2014

Working with Complex Trauma: Different Perspectives

Complex Trauma: Understanding and treatment from a CBT perspective - Helen Kennerley

Complex Trauma - Joanne Stubley

Introduction to complex trauma - Laura Toplis

Working with Complex Trauma - Remy Aquarone



Chair: Frances Blumenfeld -  [email protected]
Treasurer: Anna Zeffertt - [email protected]
Secretary: Susan Sadek - [email protected]
Ordinary Member/CPD Co-Ordinator: Megan Maidment
Ordinary Member/CPD Co-Ordinator: Ruth Payne
Ordinary Member: Danny Taggart
Ordinary Member: Esther Kiel
Ordinary Member: Anne-Marie Lister

Staff representatives for University of East Anglia:  

Paul Fisher

Staff Representative for University of Essex
Frances Blumenfeld - [email protected]

Staff Representative for University of Hertfordshire
Barbara Mason

Trauma Representative
Laura Toplis