Division of Clinical Psychology

Joining and benefits

Why should I join the Division of Clinical Psychology?

Are you a qualified clinical psychologist?

Are you training to become a clinical psychologist?

Are you looking to train as a clinical psychologist?

If so, you should consider joining the Division of Clinical Psychology. It is the organisation devoted to developing clinical psychologists skills and developing clinical psychology as both body of knowledge and as a profession.

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Membership Announcement List 

The DCP has a membership announcement email list to inform members of activities and initiatives that are relevant and specific to our members as well as requests for engagement on topical issues. 

Joining Society membership announcement emails lists is an automatic process and linked via your membership record, by being a member of the DCP you are allocated to the announcement list. To receive messages from this email list, your record must state a working email and that you have opted in to receive email communications from the Society. 

It is therefore important to keep your society membership record up to date.