Division of Clinical Psychology

DCP Exec response to BPS strategic plan 2015-2020

Section 1 – What should our Society aim to achieve in the future?
Achieving success

The Society needs a clear long term vision for applied sychology and develop stronger structures to support its development.

It need to be less risk adverse and be more externally focussed. It should be the organisation that both local and central government go to for advice and policy development and take on to new roles in the accreditation of psychology and psychological therapy services. We need a higher media and political profile. It needs to have a much stronger focus on people who use psychology services and include them in the Societies work. We would strongly support a public interest approach similar to the one taken by the Australian Psychology Society.

"The role of the Australian Psychology Society Public Interest team is to take a proactive approach to issues where psychology can make a contribution to public debate and policy in the interests of community wellbeing and social justice. We are developing materials (position statements, submissions, tip sheets, media releases etc.) in a range of areas to assist the APS to speak authoritatively on matters of public concern, in ways that can be readily understood by decision-makers, the media, and the general public."


Making a difference

Setting standards around training
Kite marks for excellence
Employers using National Assessors
Leading on development of career framework
Making BPS structures fit for purpose especially PPB.
Getting the governances structure right – this is “our” strategic direction
Dealing with things in a timely way
Main themes:
• Clear media presence
• Upholds standards of profession
• Work to integrate work of applied psychology across the media

Influencing wider society
Royal College of Psychiatry, Royal College of GP’S, BABCP, IAPT, 3rd sector providers, Service User and Carer Groups and charities.
Undertaking accreditation of psychology and psychological therapy services.
BPS helps Member Networks develop evaluation in terms of commissioning.
Organisation that sets the standards of psychological care