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Section 1 – What should our Society aim to achieve in the future?Achieving successThe Society needs a clear long term vision for applied sychology and develop stronger structures to support its development.It need to be less risk adverse and be more externally focussed. It should be the... more
Professor Esme Moniz Cook has been awarded NHS Champion Innovator of the year in London this month.Her work  with people with dementia, their carers and staff working in memory clinics is renowned world wide.Much of her work has been done in collaboration with other FPOP members... more
February 2014Happy New Year! Apologies for not managing to get this ‘January’ newsletter out until February. I have no idea where January went.During the first week of December, I travelled to York where the DCP annual conference was held, to attend a meeting of the Membership Services Unit and DCP... more
06/02/2014With six times more researchers working on cancer than dementia in the UK, the Alzheimer’s Society has launched a new programme aimed at attracting talented individuals to dementia research.The new programme aims to grow and develop the UK dementia research community, offering... more