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Keeping Research Alive – Evaluating Methods for Clinical Psychologists - 21 July 2016

The Minorities in Clinical Training Group - Annual Conference - July 5 2016

Formulation, Gender Diversity and Psychological distress: Time to focus our gaze beyond the individual 
Debbie Wood - Chair of OutReach Cumbria

African Centred Formulations for understanding of emotional & behavioural problems: Illuminating the spirit of wellness
Dr Erica Mapule McInnes

Formulation across cultures - Can there be such a thing?
Lucy Johnstone

Taking off the shell: A systemic formulation of a Muslim Woman's pathy to recovery
Dr Jeyda Ibrahim

Inclusivity: Going Beyond Lip Service Video - 26 February 2016

Inclusivity: Going Beyond Lip Service Slides - 26 February 2016

DCP Annual Conference 2015

DCP Annual Conference 2014

Group of Trainers in Clinical Annual Conference 2014

The Minorities in Clinical Psychology Training Group Launch Conference - 24 April 2014

The Francis Report - Going forward! - 3 April 2014

DCP Annual Conference 2013 

Never Too Old to Help

On 26th Feb 2013 the DCP-S held an event at the Scottish Parliament hosted by Mary Scanlon MSP entitled Never Too Old To Help: How Evidence Based Psychological Interventions Improve Quality of Life and Clinical Outcomes

Speakers included Hugh Toner (NHS Fife), Chair of the Older People’s Psychological Therapies Working Group, Sheena Bailey (NHS Fife) and Jennifer Borthwick (NHS Lanarkshire) and presentations were based upon the Report of Older People’s Psychological Therapies Working Group (2011). Report links are below.

Investing in emotional and psychological wellbeing for patients with long-term conditions Mental Health Network. (2012) NHS Confederation

Long-term conditions and mental health: The cost of co-morbidities. Naylor et al. (2012) The Kings Fund

Older adults 2012 Psych therapies report top sheet and Exec summary 

2012 Older Adults Psychological therapies main report 

DCP-S Older people event 26 2 13- Key points document