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BPS South West & DCP South West Joint Conference - 13 April 2018
Public Health and Social Justice: Stronger Together

This one-day event, held in Taunton in April 2018, was conceived as a joint effort by the local British Psychological Society (BPS) and Division of Clinical Psychology (DCP) branch committees with the aim of drawing together as many component parts of the BPS as were active in the Southwest. The theme, public health and social justice: better together, was chosen as we collectively aim to improve the health and wellbeing of the population and think we can do this better through sharing our skills and learning from each other, across the different specialist groupings in the discipline of psychology. The day included a wide range of speakers covering themes including head injury, the impact of austerity, adverse childhood experiences and their effects though the life span, forensic psychology, workplace wellbeing,  the use of social media; but all were connected by a commitment to promoting the needs of vulnerable people in our society by promoting social inclusion and social justice – and with an intention to build stronger links between psychology and public health endeavours.


Thanks go to all who contributed to make the day such a success: it was brilliant to have in the room such a wide variety of people engaged in the discipline of psychology across the south west: including undergraduate and postgraduate students and trainees, academics, practitioners, retired psychologists and volunteers, along with Jan Bond,  Public Health England SW Programme Manager for Health and Wellbeing, and Nicola Gale, President of the British Psychological Society. We hope that this event contributes to the future direction of the BPS as it restructures, with a strong commitment to working together to help make things better for people.


Many of the power points shared on the day are available on the links below.   

Presentation by Dr Alyson Norman
"Not just an acute care problem: Acquired brain injury and social rehabilitation"

 Presentation by Jan Bond, Public Health England  

"ACES and Social Injustices - Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences"

Presentation by Dr Craig Knight
"Pyschology of Well-being at Work"

Presentation by Dr Kelly Camilleri & Dr Lealah Hewitt
"Getting Off The Fence About The Benefits System"

Presentation by Dr Mike Bender
Trying to Make Sense of It All
Inside the War Zone: Towards an Understanding of the Psychology of the Besieged

Presentation by Professor Huw Williams


After the successful re-launch of the Branch back in July 2014, the committee has started meeting.

Minutes of the meetings will be posted here.

August 2014

Members of the committee are:

Chair – Alex Dibley
SecretaryMeherzin Das
Treasurer – Lisa Thorne
Committee members – Annie Mitchell
                                       Tony Wainwright
                                       Helen Schur

Pre-Qualification – Exeter – Bronwen Royall
Pre-Qualification – Plymouth – Emily Connolly
Pre-Qualification Group rep - Vacant
Service User Representative – Patrick Down

Feedback on BPS Annual Conference 2017 - Tony Wainwright

Feedback on DCP Conference 2017 - Jess Watts

Psychological Therapies in the NHS conference - details of the New Savoy Partnership and survey results, and a review of the Conference from a Branch member

DCP South West Summit: Surviving and Thriving: Clinical Psychology 2016 - 21 October 2016

Paul Whitby presentation
Paul Whitby references

Surviving & Thriving: Building Resilience - Lesley Morrison

Beyond Health to Life - Dr Esther Cohen-Tovee