Division of Counselling Psychology

DCoP Chair 2018

Messages from our new Chair

I am delighted and honoured to be elected Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology and to have started my tenure at the recent AGM during the Conference in Newcastle. It is an interesting time for Counselling Psychology and I hope to be able to guide the Division amidst the choppy waters of ever more difficult public finances alongside significant change in the BPS. This change comes in the form of new outside organisations; a new Chief Executive; and of course the structural review which will see the various components of the BPS alter in their relation to one another. I urge members of the Division to engage with the BPS to help guide this process, either through the executive of the Division, or with the BPS more broadly.

I also hope to help foster a different sort of professional identity within Counselling Psychologists. This identity would be one which moves away from the tendency to see ourselves as a sort of counsellor and towards an understanding ourselves as Drs of applied psychology with expert knowledge and statutory powers. This brings with it a necessary respect for our abilities; the strength to speak up and be heard; and the responsibility to act and not hide behind the idea that silence creates useful space outside of a therapeutic context. This is not to say that we should lose the intersubjective understanding and being which defines our approach, but that it is a right, indeed a duty, to assert that approach even in contexts where others would have us defer to them - such as in clinical boards considering diagnosis, in policy and political arenas, and in the careful and considered application of our power as expert Drs of applied psychology - as Counselling Psychologists.

Warm regards

Dr Christina Richards

MSc DCPsych CPsychol EuroPsy AFBPsS

HCPC Registered Applied Psychologist

Lead Consultant Psychologist & Head of Research

Chair BPS Division of Counselling Psychology

Editor of the Counselling Psychology Review

Editor of the Palgrave Book Series: 

Critical and applied approaches in sexuality, gender, and identity


Welcome to the Division of Counselling Psychology website. 

The Division of Counselling Psychology promotes the interests of Counselling Psychologists across the UK. We support our members by providing training and advice, by holding regular events and by keeping members up to date with the latest divisional news. The Division works closely with other practitioner and academic psychologists. 

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As the Division and its membership continue to grow, we reviewed our mission, values and vision in tandem with planning strategically for the next three years. 

Our mission

To advance the profession of Counselling Psychology in promoting the well-being of our diverse society.

Our values

Work ethically and effectively.
Be reflective scientist-practitioners.
Work creatively, compassionately and collaboratively.

Our vision

We the Division of Counselling Psychology will commit to:
Meeting the psychological needs of people.
Equality of access to resources, research, education and training.
Fairness, equality and social justice.
Leading and influencing the design and delivery of innovative policies and services.

Here is the DCoP 2018-2020 Strategic plan, please refer to the document for details of key objectives we are planning for the future

We are updating the layout of this website and will also be bringing you more information on the current initiatives of the Division. Please bear with us if something seems out of place on the website as we make these changes. 



Division of Counselling Psychology 2017-2019 Strategy:

"The Executive committee met for a two day strategy meeting [15th & 16th Sept 2017] and we were committed to producing a 3 year strategy that would invigorate the whole membership. Click on the booklet below which will bring you to the Strategic Plan along with how we envisage to operationalise them.