Division of Counselling Psychology

Annual Prizes

The Counselling Psychology Trainee Prize

A prize of £300 for the winner and £100 for each of two runners up. Closing date: Friday 27th April 2018. Any attempts submitted after this date will not be included.

The prizes will be awarded at the Division of Counselling Psychology Annual conference and up to £200 per person will be reimbursed to the winner and runners up to cover the cost of travel (in accordance with BPS travel expense guidelines). If winners cannot attend, prizes will be sent in the post.

Aims and Purpose of the Trainee Annual Prize

The aim is to promote and encourage excellence in the training and practice of counselling psychology in all its professional arenas. The purpose is to stimulate Trainee Counselling Psychologists to attain excellence in their written work during the course of their training.

Submission Details

Submissions must:

  • Be a piece of course work which has been assessed as part of the trainee’s counselling psychology training. Trainees are allowed to edit work for submission to the Prize; this can include editing work to the required word length. Submission can be of any piece of course work except for research papers [which trainees are encouraged to submit to the research prize] including for example client studies, theoretical essays, and literature reviews.
  • Demonstrate excellence and originality in an area relevant to Counselling Psychology and other applied psychologies.
  • Includes critical evaluation and is written according to APA style at an academic standard equivalent to Level 7.
  • Have a word limit of 5,000 words (not including quotes, references and bibliography). 

Submissions should be made to [email protected]. The email should include ‘Trainee Prize 2018’ in the subject line.

Please submit three files with your email:

  1. a cover sheet with identifying information (name, institutional affiliation, BPS membership number)
  2. A letter from the Course Tutor or Coordinating Supervisor confirming that the work was undertaken as part of the trainees training on an HCPC approved and BPS accredited professional doctorate in counselling psychology or BPS Qualification in Counselling Psychology. For submissions which include extensive client material (such as client studies or process reports) the letter must include confirmation from the course tutor or coordinator of training confirming that they are satisfied that client consent has been obtained and that the degree of anonymisation in the work are appropriate to the case and circumstances, taking account of potential publication of any winning entry.
  3. The piece of course work.

Brief feedback will be provided for every submission and winner and runners-up will be encouraged to attend the Division of Counselling Psychology Conference to receive their prize.

The deadline for submissions is the 27th April 2018. If trainees would like a discussion on this please do not hesitate to contact our Training Lead Tasim Martin-Berg on [email protected]