Division of Counselling Psychology


Culture and Difference within and across Ethnic Minorities

The Division of Counselling Psychology recognises the significance of bringing awareness to Race, Culture and Difference. We appreciate the intersections for individuals, groups and communities. Hence, we have developed this document as a strategy to eliminate racial and ethnic discrimination.

This document allows us with your contribution to start to make a difference whether that be in a training setting, work setting or organisational setting. We will be bold, courageous and brave together to make sure voices are no longer silenced and/or silent and that above all racial and ethnic discrimination does not have a place in our profession or society.

Please refer to the Division of Counselling Psychology document detailing Culture and Difference within and across Ethnic Minorities.


Dr Yetunde Ade-Serrano is a British Psychological Society chartered Counselling Psychologist and Associate Fellow. She is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council, and works in Private Practice. She has been a member of the Division of Counselling Psychology Executive Committee since 2013 when she began as Honorary Treasurer. In addition to this role she has also taken on the Lead role for Culture and Difference within and across Ethnic Minorities.

Yetunde is extremely passionate and vocal on issues around race, culture and difference. She is a mentor, visiting lecturer, clinical supervisor, external examiner on Counselling Psychology programmes, and an external examiner for Standard and Quality Assurance. She describes herself as an avid learner of what life has to teach.

(DCoP Treasurer and CDEM Lead)

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