Division of Counselling Psychology

Conceptual Preparation

This section of the research aims to introduce researchers to concepts that underpin research endeavour, such as theories of knowledge- what it is and how we acquire it, and practical-philosophical considerations that influence the research process.

For a starting point linking Ontology, Epistemology and Method or Methodology please see below:

Salma Patel is a doctoral researcher in Experiential Engineering, part of the EPSRC funded Participation in Healthcare Environment Engineering (PHEE) programme at the University of Warwick, with a primary research interest in digital engagement and participation in healthcare. You can find out more about Salma here:
Salma has kindly agreed for the research hub to link members to her webpage, explaining methodology, epistemology and ontology.
I found Salma’s page among the clearest explanation I found to understand these concepts myself, and I wish I had found it when I was completing my research, as I spent lots of time trying to understand it!

More information on each of these areas will be added on the following pages in due course.