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DCoP Annual Conference 2019
28-29 June, Mercure Holland House Hotel, Cardiff




Interdivisional event focused on Trauma:


DCoP-Scotland is one of five Scottish divisions contributing to a joint CPD event on the subject of trauma.  This interdivisional event looks at trauma through a selection of topics presented from the perspectives of clinical, forensic, health, occupational and counselling psychology.


Speakers include Adam Mahoney, Dr Zoe Chouliara, Dr Noreen Tehrani, Dr Liza Morton and Dr Sandra Ferguson who will cover:


- The impact of adverse childhood and lifetime experiences for

individuals in prisons, the challenges this presents and future



- The clinical implications of trust for recovering from trauma and adversity


- Dealing with workplace trauma and the benefits of knowing about this

for psychologists from different backgrounds


- Preventing medical trauma for people living with a heart condition

from birth – polyvagal theory perspective


- Steps towards a Trauma informed Scotland and the role of

psychologists from different areas of practice in this.


The event takes place at the A K Bell Library in Perth on Friday 5th October, and is free to BPS members.  For more details and booking please go to :






Tickets: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/bme-voices-talk-mental-health-conference-tickets-49013773516