Division of Counselling Psychology

Joining and benefits

DCoP Annual Membership Survey

Dear DCoP Member


The Executive Commitee (EC) invite you to take part in the first annual survey of our membership. This has been carefully planned to include as much information that is of use to the whole membership, and to the EC and BPS to plan support for members. Feedback will be given via email on the findings, and built into the survey is feedback on this method of collection information, and on the survey itself, so that it can year by year reflect the needs and interests of members. The findings can be used in a number of ways when your interests are being represented: inter-divisional discussions, whole society consultations, employment interests representation, liaison with Union and employers, needs of trainees and trained members. It will feed in to conference planning and the CPR.


We hope that you will be as enthusiastic as we are to complete it and let us have your information to assist us in representing your views, and in our up to date awareness of your working practices.


Please forward and circulate the annual survey to all counselling psychologists to help us hear the views of as wider group as possible.




Yours sincerely 


DCoP Executive Committee



Why join DCoP? The benefits.

Whether you're a trainee, recently qualified or an experienced Counselling Psychologist, there are many benefits to joining the Division of Counselling Psychology.

Please take a look at our leaflet outlining the benefits of joining the professional body for Counselling Psychologists.

We are currently updating the leaflet, but it should offer you some useful guidance and information to make the most of your membership to the Division of Counselling Psychology. 

Membership of the division is open to all members of the British Psychological Society.

If you are not already a member you can join at the same time as applying for membership of the Society.

There are three grades of Divisional membership:

  • Full divisional membership

    For fully qualified psychologists who are eligible for Chartered Status.
  • In-training divisional membership

    For psychologists in-training who hold the Graduate Basis for Chartered Membership and are working towards Chartered status and full divisional membership.
  • General divisional membership

    For members of the Society who are not currently eligible for the above grades, to join as a General Member.


To apply please click here