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Be part of Unite’s lobby of Parliament on Tuesday 20 March – join our call on the Government to:

  • Deliver their promises to increase mental health funding, and reverse the continued cuts to mental health as half of CCGs cut funding to mental health trusts.
  • Secure adequate  ring-fenced funding for Psychology Services across the Country. 
  • Protect highly skilled and professional psychological roles in the NHS and recognise their fundamental contribution to healthcare in the UK.
  • Stop the downbanding, downgrading and deskilling of psychologists all across the NHS and end the cutting of psychology posts.
  • Take action on tax refund and rebates for Psychologists and other professionals that underwent training the widening access training scheme (WATS).

A clear message needs to be sent from Psychologists to legislators.  The provision of Psychology Services from ‘cradle to grave’ to the public is currently inadequate.  Psychologists are now speaking out across the country to change this. 

The lobby is geared towards asking MPs to intervene to save adult and child, adolescent psychology and mental health services in their local community and to ensure qualified and trained professionals remain at the forefront of providing these services

If you wish to attend do register for the lobby using this Eventbrite link below


Unite the Union members are being supported by their regions to attend the Lobby.  If you require support with travel to attend the Lobby, do contact your Regional Lead Officer for Health

Unite the Union:

North East, Yorkshire & Humberside Terry Cunliffe [email protected]

North West Gary Owen [email protected]

East Midlands Garry Guye [email protected]

West Midlands Frank Keogh [email protected]

South West Dorothy Fogg [email protected]

South East Chris Gray [email protected]

London & Eastern Sarah Cook & Mark Robinson [email protected]&[email protected]



Coming soon: Race, Culture and Diversity - A Collection of Articles

Below is a letter from Dr Yetunde Ade-Serrano, Dr Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena and Dr Maureen McIntosh explaining the upcoming booklet. 

These articles have been written by Counselling Psychologists and build on a dialogue we are keen to engage with, as well as continue to cultivate. Thus, we invite all applied psychologists to develop their own critical platform from which they will develop an understanding of the varied embedded perspectives, explorations, learnings and meanings.

People of colour often experience power disparities regarding their ethnic position. This publication demonstrates a need, importance, and urgency that we all use our skills as reflexive practitioners to learn about ourselves and others, not only within the context of clinical and research practice, but also when we interact as professionals.

The editors of this booklet are from an ethnic minority and work tirelessly to raise awareness of race and culture within our training, practice and profession as a whole. This is particularly relevant within our environment, who we are as people, and the events happening around us at present. In our history, implicitly and explicitly, ethnic minorities have been taught to be quiet and respectful of the dominant voice, or have been silenced in attempts to challenge this. We are in an acknowledged privileged position where we have the freedom to choose our own position - this for us is the legacy we hope other marginalised individuals will adopt.

This booklet was produced in part to celebrate our identities as Counselling Psychologists from varied backgrounds but also to address a central issue of race and culture.

Look out for our launch … we look forward to welcoming you and also visit the Black and Asian Counselling Psychologists Group. (This letter is available for download)


Dr Yetunde Ade-Serrano, Dr Ohemaa Nkansa-Dwamena, Dr Maureen McIntosh

C.Psychol, Chartered Psychologist, AFBPsS
HCPC Registered Practitioner Counselling Psychologist