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Letter from Chair

Letter from the Chair

'Be bold, strong, confident leaders because you have everything gain'

Dear Members,

The Executive committee met for a two day strategy meeting [15th & 16th Sept 2017] and we were committed to producing a 3 year strategy that would invigorate the whole membership. I think I can speak for the committee in saying it was a busy two days and we worked extremely hard. We hope to share the results of our strategy with you shortly and we plan to produce a booklet setting out our objectives.

One of the areas that we developed was to think about our values, vision and mission statement. Sometimes it is important to go back and review these core areas as it reinforces what you believe in and grounds you in it. This will be included in the strategy booklet and I would like to share it here:


  • Work ethically and effectively
  • Be reflective scientist-practitioners.
  • Work creatively, compassionately and collaboratively.


We the Division of Counselling Psychology will commit to:

  • Meeting the psychological needs of people.
  • Equality of access to resources, research, education and training.
  • Fairness, equality and social justice.
  • Leading and influencing the design and delivery of innovative policies and services.


To advance the profession of Counselling Psychology in promoting the well-being of our diverse society.

Please contact me with any comments, observations and thoughts as the EC welcome hearing from the membership

DCoP SWOT Analysis

It was decided that the EC would develop a SWOT analysis to explore the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in relation to the issue of the new organisation for Clinical Psychologists and what the implications would be for us as a division.

The questions the EC endeavoured to answer were:

1.     What are the strengths in staying with the BPS?

2.     What are the weakness in staying with BPS?

3.     What are the opportunities open to DCoP?

4.     What are the threats DCoP face?

5.     Any other comments?

The EC agreed that we would write to the BPS and board of trustees. The question that we have sent to the BPS and Board of Trustees was 'Please provide DCoP and the members with a written response about what are the implications for the society and membership of some in the DCP leaving the BPS and starting a new organisation?'. The BPS has acknowledged receipt of our query and will be providing us with a formal response soon. Edit on 9th October 2017: A representative from the BPS clarified that there are no planned meetings between the ACP-UK and the Society. This is not as previously written (on the website and elsewhere where this letter is published) where the EC was under the impression that there was a planned meeting. 

DCoP's Position

We are staying within the BPS organisation. Our profession is continually growing, and we have a strong voice. We recognise the decision of some of our Clinical Psychology colleagues and we continue to work closely with all Applied Psychologists. We will continue to represent our Members within the BPS organisation.

Again, please feel free to contact me with any comments, observations and thoughts as the EC welcome hearing from the membership

Social Media, Facebook,Twitter, emails and letters

I understand that many members use social media to communicate and there are often lively debates taking place that you may wish to see EC members taking part in. I am not on social media but the Communications Lead Dr Masrita Ishaq invariably feeds back to the EC about some of the discussions. Other EC members are also on social media and recently Masrita sent out some information about the different avenues in which members can contact us. I am always available via email and many members choose to contact me this way. The EC are available if you want to share your thoughts, comments and observations with us.

Vacancies on the DCoP Executive Committee

There are a number of vacancies [Research Lead and Training Lead] which members can apply for. Please look out for the advert in the e-letter and fill out a statement of interest form if you would like to apply. There is also a vacancy for Social Media Editor and E-Letter Editor, that sits under the Communications Team.

Stepping down as Past Chair

I have decided to step down after my Chair role ends at the AGM during our 2018 Conference in July [Newcastle]. I would have served on the committee for 3 years as a chair elect for one year and then as chair for two years. Prior to that I was NAIG lead for a year. I am also stepping down from my NHS Network lead role after 4 years. I find now that my time is quite limited and it feels like the right moment for me to move in a different direction. I will still be involved in writing projects such as the Leadership and Diversity book and the Working relationally with Ethnic Minorities series. I am extremely honoured to have had so many opportunities to develop personally and professionally and I am very proud to contribute to the growth of our division. Prof Pam James once said to me that being a Chair one eventually ‘passes the baton’. I will be passing the baton onto Dr Christina Richards [chair elect] next July and I am sure with the support of the membership and EC she will be a very good Chair.

So, I am still here for now. I have four EC meetings [Nov 2017, Jan 2018, March 2018 & May 2018] and the AGM at the conference in July. I believe that we have talented leaders within our division and I want to encourage you to take part by joining the EC or continuing to contribute to the growth of DCoP by being 'bold, strong, confident leaders because you have everything gain'.

Best wishes


Dr Maureen McIntosh PsychD, AFBPsS, CPsychol

Chair of the Division of Counselling Psychology