Division of Counselling Psychology


Research is a key part of what we as Counselling Psychologists engage with, whether thats the research we engage with as we train, the research we conduct in order to qualify, or indeed after qualification and for use in our practice as we move forward in our careers.

There are a number of initiatives that will be in progress as the Division develops, but one of them is the research hub which you can find in the following pages.

As ever, this Division seeks to promote our profession and to serve its members, so any ideas you may have, please do get in touch with us.

For the Hub, you can contact [email protected]

Other resources include:

Society journals are available to view for free through PsychSource.Direct link to EBSCO behavioural science collection and research databases

BPS History of Psychology Centre

For information about the history of psychology visit the Society's History of Psychology Centre website.

BPS Research Digest

The Society's Research Digest provides a free round up of the latest psychology research fortnightly via email. To sign-up, please visit the Research Digest blog.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is home to resources produced by the National Audit of Pychological Therapies (NAPT).

Past Issues of Counselling Psychology Review

Issues published since 2008 are also available from the EBSCO behavioural science collection, together with some other Society publications.

Members can use this facility to locate and download specific CPR articles.