Division of Counselling Psychology

Research Hub

The Division of Counselling Psychology's guidelines suggest that one of the functions of counselling psychologists should include the development of ‘…models of research and practice which marry the scientific demand for rigorous empirical inquiry with a firm value base grounded in the primacy of the counselling/ psychotherapeutic relationship’ (DCoP, 2005, p.1).

To encourage practice-based research in Counselling Psychology amongst current trainees and established practitioners conducting research, a centralised research hub is being established. The hub further seeks to foster closer links between the Divisional Committee, trainees, academic institutions, and divisional members.

This hub will be a virtual space, hosted on the DCoP’s member microsite, within the BPS website. It will be accessible only to members, and contain a variety of material in both text and video formats. In addition, a database of research and abstracts is planned for further development.


This hub is a starting point, and a supplement to course-training. We are not seeking to replace training, and we are not seeking to give our members a full and comprehensive understanding of the intricacies of research methods and methodologies. We are merely aiming to be a centralised stepping stone, and we can provide the references that others have found useful to go on and do more research and reading into a specific area.

We are looking for contributors to write about research, research methods and methodologies, and to take part in video tutorials.

The research hub is being developed by Dr. Neha Malhotra, under the sponsorship of Dr Hamilton Fairfax, DCoP research lead. Please contact Dr Neha Malhotra if you are interested in contributing to the research hub: [email protected]