Division of Educational & Child Psychology


This page includes details of our publications, guidelines and reports, along with reports produced by other bodies.

Abstracts from our annual conferences are available from the Society's Conference Proceedings webpages. Presentations from these events can be found on our Presentations page.


DECP Debate

Past editions of our DECP Debate can be downloaded from the BPS Shop for free.

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Educational and Child Psychology

Back issues of our publication, Educational and Child Psychology, are available to download from the BPS Shop at no cost.

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Professional Practice Guidelines 

Description: Defines good psychological practice for Educational Psychologists. 

Publication date: 2002

Size: 86KB; 28 pages

Cost: FREE 



Parents and Carers Report

Description: Examines the role of Educational Psychologists in relation to all aspects of parent and carer partnerships, advocacy and training.

Publication date: 2009

Size: 149KB; 27 pages

Cost: FREE to DECP Members

Looked After Children Report

Description: This report reflects current practice and sets its recommendations within the context of integrated children's Services.

Publication date: 2006

Size: 209KB; 56 pages

Cost: FREE

Promoting Racial Equality Report

checklist template is also available to accompany this document.

Description: This report, produced by the DECP Working Party on Anti-Racism, promotes racial equality within educational psychology services. 

Publication date: 2006

Size: 163KB; 27 pages

Cost: FREE

Inclusive Education 

Description: Released in July 2005, this paper represents the Society's position on inclusive education.

Publication date: 2005

Size: 126KB; 3 pages

Cost: FREE

Dyslexia, Literacy and Psychological Assessment

Further reading:
An independent report undertaken by Sir Jim Rose: Identifying and Teaching Children and Young People with Dyslexia and Literacy Difficulties

Description: This report informs practising educational psychologists about the concept of dyslexia.

Publication date: 2009

Size: 427KB; 126 pages

Cost: FREE

Reports by other bodies

Review of educational psychologist training

Carried out by the Government, this report from November 2011 is available to download from the Department of Education website.