Division of Health Psychology

DHP Northern Ireland

Welcome to the website of the Northern Ireland branch of the British Psychological Society's Division of Health Psychology

Mission Statement

The mission of the Division of Health Psychology, Northern Ireland Branch is to provide a forum and a focus for health psychology in Northern Ireland. This entails providing a forum for health psychologists and those interested in the promotion and practice of health psychology in the region in order to enhance the effectiveness of the impact of health psychology on the health agenda in Northern Ireland. Our overarching aim is to contribute to the scientific study of psychological processes in health, illness and health care, and to utilize the evolving evidence base in promoting and maintaining health, enhancing the delivery of health care, and preventing or reducing illness and disability and its impact on individuals, families, communities and the region.

The DHP Northern Ireland endorses and promotes the aims and objectives of the BPS DHP of which it is a local branch


  • To study scientifically the psychological processes of health, illness and health care

To apply psychology to:

  • the promotion and maintenance of health
  • the analysis and improvement of the health care system and health policy formation
  • the prevention of illness and disability and the enhancement of outcomes of those who are ill or disabled


  • Developing Health Psychology
  • To encourage and support the development of education and training in health psychology
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of support for education and training in health psychology
  • To facilitate and support the development of research in health psychology
  • To provide information about research in health psychology
  • To support the development of professional roles, career structure and employment possibilities for health psychologists
  • To provide information on careers and employment opportunities for health psychologists
  • To engage in reviewing developments in relation to health psychology
  • To provide a forum for consultation on health policy
  • To increase the membership of the Division.

Applying Health Psychology

  • To promote the application of health psychology in the domains of health and social care
  • To promote the development of effective, psychologically informed interventions that enhance health-related behaviour
  • To contribute to the framing of relevant public health agendas, strategies and targets
  • To work with policy-making bodies e.g. Department of Health, Health Development Agency, the Health Authorities in Northern Ireland, the National Institute of Clinical Excellence, research funding bodies, and the Research and Development Office Northern Ireland
  • To promote involvement with local community bodies and user groups (e.g. Health Action Zones, regional development teams and local implementation groups)
  • To teach and train others who have an impact on health.
  • To develop collaborative links with Health Psychology colleagues and services in the Republic of Ireland and across Europe.
  • To provide opportunities for the dissemination of research findings and good practice in health psychology.


All members of the BPS Division of Health Psychology working in Ireland automatically become members of the DHP-Northern Ireland.
Anyone wishing to become a member can do so either by becoming a member of the BPS DHP or contacting one of the committee members.

All members are invited to our AGM which takes place during the annual conference of the Northern Ireland Branch of the BPS (see Northern Ireland branch for details about the conference).