Division of Health Psychology

Division of Health Psychology Scotland Committee

We are looking for new committee members!

The DHP-S are looking for a PhD student and/or a stage 2 trainee to join the committee as a postgraduate representative, as two of the current representatives will soon be finishing their training. Whilst this role involves considerable time commitment, particularly when organising events, it is a fantastic opportunity to represent Health Psychology at a post graduate level, work alongside inspiring researchers and practitioners in the field, and contribute towards the growth of Health Psychology in Scotland.
Some of the core responsibilities of the role include:

  • Representing Health Psychology Postgraduates in Scotland and linking in with relevant DHP and other networks.
  • Attend DHP-Scotland committee meetings and contribute to broader DHP-S work, as well as feedback from Health Psychology Postgrads in Scotland.
  • Plan and support the delivery of 2 postgraduate workshops, including advertising, materials, evaluation and all other work associated with hosting the events. 

If you are interested, please send a brief summary to the contact details below about why you would like to be a postgraduate representative and what you could bring to the role.

 If you would like more information about the role, please do not hesitate to get in contact.
Contact details: Hannah Ranaldi ([email protected])


Overview of our current committee members 


MSc Representative (Aberdeen)

Dr. Julia Allan

Vice Chair (Past Chair)

Dr. Hannah Dale


Ms. Catherine Murray


Dr. Sinead Currie

Postgraduate Representative

Ms. Emma Wilson

Trainee Representatives

Ms Kirstin Hunter

Ms Hannah Scobie

MSc Representative (St Andrews)

Dr. Gozde Ozakinci

MSc Representative (Stirling)


Dr. Sinead Currie

Elected Ordinary Member

Dr. Katherine Reid

Elected Ordinary Member

Ms. Julie McLellan 

Appointed Committee Member (communication/publicity)

Dr. Line Caes

Appointed Committee Member (communication/publicity)

Dr. Michelle Clark

Appointed Committee Member (conference liaison officer)

Ms. Bronagh Raftery

Appointed Committee Member

Ms. Ellen Jardine

External Representative (consultancies)

Dr. Carolyn Deighan 


 External Representatives (NES)

Dr. Vivien Swanson

If you have a general enquiry about Health Psychology in Scotland, please email [email protected] (this will go to the DHP Scotland Chair and Secretary).