Division of Health Psychology

DHP strategic aims

DHP Strategic Aims 2015-2017

DHP CORE PURPOSE: To promote the advancement and sharing of knowledge of health psychology, pure and applied.

DHP VALUES                              

      We aim to work with:

  • Rigour, fairness, honesty and integrity

  • Transparency

  • Highest standards of professionalism and ethical behaviour.

  • A collaborative stance towards our sibling Divisions, Sections and Branches of the BPS

OUR VISION                                                                                                             

       To be the public, authoritative voice of health psychology


 To support the ongoing advancement of the standards of training in health psychology by:

  • Promoting the different training routes to Stage 2 qualification

  • Working with education providers to promote the value of health psychology training

To identify, and where possible execute ways of supporting and promoting high quality health psychology research, by:

  • Running an annual DHP conference to share cutting edge research

  • Making more use of technology to share our research both with our members, but also to promote our work externally

  • Publishing HPU to share our work with our membership.

To support CPD of members at various levels of career and experience, by:

  • Reviewing and developing opportunities for CPD

  • Informing members of new developments and changes in contexts in which they work

  • Encouraging and supporting the ability of members to share and develop their knowledge and experience

To increase the profile and influence of health psychology with the public, policy-makers, healthcare commissioners, employers and other healthcare professionals, by:

  • Developing a portfolio of evidence-based health psychology examples.

  • Enhancing existing (and developing new) partnerships to share our expertise and increase our influence nationally and internationally

  • Working collegiately and collaboratively with other Divisions

  • Enhancing and encouraging health psychology-related public engagement work