Division of Neuropsychology

In recent years neuropsychology has been one of the most exciting areas of science. Advances in technology have revealed many of the secrets of structure-function relationships in the living brain, their development across the lifespan and the impact of disease, injury and degeneration. These rapid advances have opened up many new research and clinical possibilities and so staying informed and up-to-date has never been so important.

The Division of Neuropsychology (DoN) supports its members with training and advice, holds regular conferences and events, and contacts members with updates and news about the professional field throughout the year.

Our membership has a powerful voice in raising the profile of psychology, developing standards and advancing the discipline. We champion the work of our members and the contribution psychology can make to society through lots of different channels.


Message from Katherine Carpenter
Division of Neuropsychology Chair 2015-2019

As chair of the DoN Executive Committee, it’s my pleasure to welcome you to the DoN website and to let you know about some of the recent progress and activities of the DoN.  The re-configured committee structure has really generated benefits through increased focus and capacity. 

The DoN Membership Services Unit is working hard to improve our communications with a monthly email, an increased social media presence, and a re-vamped The Neuropsychologist now available electronically.  Do think about submitting something – an article, a book or conference review, whatever!

If you haven’t been receiving our monthly email updates then do check that you’re subscribed with the BPS to receive our email communications.  

Forthcoming CPD events include: Functional Cognitive Disorders 29 June; and Mental Capacity Re-visited 19 October. 

The DoN Professional Standards Unit is continuing to focus on implementation of the training strategy and adaptations to accreditation criteria to allow acquired prior learning and experience.  It is expected that the new Practising Certificate in Clinical Neuropsychology at Bristol University will be accredited by the BPS in the near future.  DoN members on the Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists now receive a signed certificate and individual registration number. 

And the DoN’s Policy Unit has been working with the Neurological Alliance contributing to their recently published report Parity of Esteem for People Affected by Neurological Conditions, and seeking to ensure that Neuropsychology and Neuropsychiatry are included in relevant NHSE work programmes within both the Adult Neurosciences and Paediatric Neurosciences CRGs and the National Neurosciences Advisory Group; it is continuing to map neuropsychology but now with a focus on neurological rehab and community services; is driving forward a new inter-disciplinary initiative on FND aimed at producing some best practice guidelines and health economic data; and contributing to a range of relevant All Party Parliamentary Groups.

Over the coming year, with the benefits of the Membership Services Unit membership survey results and the Policy Unit mapping work, we aim to continue operationalising the DoN Five Year Strategy with a focus on more visible benefits for members, improved communication, and promotion of the significant and unique value of neuropsychology to a range of audiences but predominantly in a service and commissioning context.

I’m looking forward to continuing to work with the DoN Executive and Unit teams, but would like to take this opportunity to encourage you to get involved.  I’m also keen to stay abreast of service changes and pressures, and to hear the views of all neuropsychologists, psychologists working in neuropsychology, and students of neuropsychology - so do please get in touch!     

I can be contacted on: [email protected].

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