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DoN main contact

The first point of contact for the DoN and its committees, is via our communications officer on  [email protected]  

If there is a specific committee or committee member that you wish to contact, please identify this in your email.

DoN Structure 2017

The DoN Executive Committee determines and has over-arching responsibility for the strategy of the division.


Katherine Carpenter


Claire Isaac


Cheryl Newton (Nee Davis)

Chair of DoN Professional Standards Unit (PSU)

Gus Baker

Chair of DoN Policy Unit (PoU)

Jason Price

Chair of DoN Membership Standards Unit (MSU)

Philip Yates

Communications Officer

Simon Prangnell

Ordinary Member

Donald Brechin

Ordinary Member

Graham Lowings

Ordinary Member

Melanie George

DoN Scotland Chair

Fiona Summers

DoN Faculty of Paediatric Neuropsychology Chair

Cathy Grant

Wales Representative

Tanya Edmonds

Scotland Representative
Sue Copstick

Northern Ireland Representative

Colin Wilson
QiCN Training Representative

Claire Doyle

Research Board Representative

Sallie Baxendale

International Advisor Representative

Huw Williams 
PsyPAG Representative 

Athina Tripli

The Executive Committee is supported by three sub-committee units.

The Professional Standards Unit is responsible for developing the Division’s national training, workforce and standards strategy.


Chair of PSU

Gus Baker

Secretary of PSU

Amanda Wood

Chair of CTCN (Committee on Clinical Training in Neuropsychology)

Bonnie-Kate Dewar

Chair of CNQB (Clinical Neuropsychology Qualifications Board)

Rupert Noad

QiCN Training Representative 

Claire Doyle

Committee on Test Standards

Graham Lowings

Expert Witness Advisory Group Representative 

Jane Hood

Workforce Planning Lead

Perry Moore

Course Directors of DoN Accredited university programmes

Martin Bunnage,
Jon Evans,
Ingram Wright,
Faraneh Vargha-Khadem

The Policy Unit co-ordinates the Division’s response to government consultations, communication with commissioners and develops a proactive stance to improve the services and the support required for our client/patient populations.

Chair of PoU

Jason Price

Secretary of PoU


Ordinary members (co-opted)

Najma Khan Bourne
Declan McNicholl
Jill Hazan

Deputy Chair and Research Advisor 

Huw Williams


Kendra Shaw


Amanda Owen

Older Adults and FPOP


Scotland DoN Link

Fiona Summers

Northern Ireland Link

Colin Wilson

Wales Link

Tanya Edmonds

IAPT Working Party Chair

Fergus Gracey

Informatics Working Party

Robert Stephens

Policy Consultant

Anna Mouser

The Membership Services Unit brings greater representation of the wider membership to the development of the Division, improves communication within the Division as well as with other professional, government and public agencies.

Chair of MSU

Phil Yates

Secretary of MSU

Julia Clark
CPD/Annual Conference Lead

Fiona Ashworth

Communications Officer

Simon Prangnell
Editor of The Neuropsychologist

Jessica Fish

Website Chief Editor

Rob Stephens
British Neuropsychological Society (BNS) Representative

Robin Morris

Membership Representative for Adult

Ohr Barak

Membership Representative for Paediatric

Cathy Grant
Membership Representative for Older Adult

Frances Duffy

PsyPag Representative

Athena Tripli

Ordinary member

Andrew James


Membership announcement email list

As a Division member you automatically receive emails from us.

If you aren't receiving messages please visit our announcement lists support webpage for help.


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Specialist Register of Clinical Neuropsychologists

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