Division of Neuropsychology

Website Sub-editor Vacancy

It is essential that the Division of Neuropsychology communicates effectively with its membership; the website is an important part of this. 

It goes without saying that an increasing part of the membership will prefer to use electronic forms of communication, and expect to find information that is up-to-date, useful and engaging.  This will be the primary focus of a website subeditor.  The DoN website needs a creative approach to make it more engaging.  The website should draw together information from the many activities of the DoN committee members, therefore the subeditor will need to seek out the latest news.  We want members to see immediate benefits from their membership, for example accessing electronic resources and media from the website; we also want to promote Neuropsychology and the DoN via the public pages of the BPS.  If time allows, then certainly there is scope for the subeditor to contribute to projects beyond the website, for example, we want to try live streaming our annual conferences. 

 The website subeditor will attend meetings of the Membership Services Unit only occasionally, and so we receive direction and guidance via the current editor Dr Rob Stephens.  The role does not require specialist website programming skills, just a good familiarity with electronic media and lots of ideas and enthusiasm.  The subeditor should be a full member of the DoN, clinical experience is likely to be helpful, but not essential.  

 Please contact the website editor Rob on [email protected] for further information about the role.  An expression of interest should be addressed to the Secretary Dr Julia Clerk of the Membership Services Unit, and include a CV and brief (less than one page) summary of what you could bring to the role.