Division of Occupational Psychology


2015 Awards Evening

Members and nominees came together on a cold November evening at the British Medical Association to celebrate the success of our 2015 nominees and winners. 

The evening was opened with an insightful and inspiring keynote delivered by our BPS President Professor Jamie Hacker Hughes (above).  We then heard about the work and high quality contributions of the nominees and winners from Sonia Pawson, Convener, (below) Awards and Recognition Working Group. 

The diverse range of submissions spanned the breadth and depth of occupational psychology and highlighted the positive impact we are having as a profession on environments within the workplace.


2015 Lifetime Achievement Award Winner ​Dr Dave Bartram

My career has been in two main parts: The first from 1972 to 1998 at Hull University and the second from 1998 to 2016 at SHL – now CEB.

In 1972 I joined the staff at Hull University as a cognitive psychologist and specialised in perception and statistics. The person who first set me off on the occupational psychology path was Harold Dale. We worked together on a study of the validity of pilot selection for the AAC and this led to the development of the Micropat computer-based tests for the MoD in the early 1980s. We had a series of MoD contracts from 1980-1992 with the Army Air Corps and the Royal Navy. Later (1990s) I worked with Cathay Pacific and BA on development and validation of pilot selection procedures.

In 1980 I started teaching on the MSc Occ Psy course at Hull and formed the Hull University Ergonomics Research Group with Harold Dale and Martin Crawshaw. At the time I was involved in work on cognitive mapping and applications to the design of timetables. I did a lot of work for the Post Office in the 1980s developing use of chord-keyboards for overseas mail coding desks and designing, programming and implementing computer-based adaptive training systems for coding desk operators for a range of coding desk systems. In 1985 NFER-Nelson set up the Automated Test Development Unit in Hull under my direction and we developed the SCREENTEST system for computer-based testing. This delivered a range of ability and personality tests including 16PF and MBTI.

In 1987 Pat Lindley and I set up Newland Park Associates Limited (NPAL) as a commercial occupational psychology consultancy.  Our main focus was on public-sector clients and we did a lot of work with the Department of Employment. In 1998 I left Hull and left NPAL to join SHL as International R&D director. Since then the major developments I have led have been focused around the UCF, the OPQ32 and the move from paper to online testing.

Running across both my Hull and SHL jobs has been work done for the profession through the BPS, EFPA, IAAP, ISO and ITC. Especially memorable are the development of the Level A/B test user qualification for the BPS and later variants of this with EFPA, and the foundation of the BPS Psychological Testing Centre.

All my contributions have been made possible by working in collaboration with others – too many to mention. My career highlights have been those times when my contribution to our work has been recognised by my peers. As such I particularly value the awards of Fellowship of the IAAP and ITC, the award for Distinguished Contribution to Professional Psychology from the BPS in 2004 and the Lifetime Achievement Award from the DOP in 2015.

I thank the DOP for the honour and recognition bestowed on me by this award and would like to dedicate it to all those who I have worked with over the past decades. I hope there will be opportunities to make further contributions to the profession in the future.

2015 Practitioner of the Year Award Winner Hannah Markson (Nee Walker)

I began my career in occupational psychology with an independent test publishers, where I contributed towards the development and publication of the first ever psychometric to measure unconscious processes. During this time I achieved chartered status, and went on to join the MOD providing in-house consultancy and research capability to Army headquarters. My work to date has included research on the impact of Service life on families, including the major review and yearly publication of the tri-Service Families Continuous Attitude Survey (FAMCAS) as an official statistic, and providing UK representation in NATO activities. My current focus is in the area of equality and inclusion, and I am engaged in the development of pan-Army strategy for organisational culture change.

I received the POYA for my investigation into the nature, prevalence, prevention and management of sexual harassment in the British Army. The study provides a way forward to promote equality of opportunity within a diverse workforce that upholds the Army’s Values and Standards. As a result of my findings the Army has made a significant step forward in its understanding of sexual harassment and this will make a positive difference to all personnel. My project tackled an extremely personal and sensitive issue from an organisational perspective, and provided data that does not exist anywhere else. The conclusions and recommendations in the report also present creative, but highly practical ideas.

2015 Student Prize for Excellence Award Winner Julie Jebsen

I was the lucky winner of the 2015 DOP Student Prize for Excellence for my independent research project called “Sickness Presenteeism – Work over Health”. I did this as part of my MSc in Occupational Psychology degree at the University of Wolverhampton. This research project was supervised by Debbie Stevens-Gill – the best supervisor in the country! This is the second time in three years that Debbie has supervised a student that has gone on to win the DOP Student Prize for Excellence (First Prize).

Going to the conference and presenting was a wonderful experience. Being surrounded with people who share enthusiasm for Occupational Psychology, listening to presentations and learning about how Occupational Psychology is used in research and practice for three days was an experience that really confirmed that this is truly what I want to do! The conference is useful for networking and getting updated for people with any level of experience, but I think it is especially ideal for people like me who are in the early stages of their careers. I learned a lot about companies, trends, and career options at the conference that I would not have been able to find out of on my own.

I really appreciated the opportunity to present at a national conference, and I’m extremely grateful for all the support and encouragement from the DOP. I feel more confident and positive of my future as an Occupational Psychologist. Good things will come of this!

2015 Academinc Contribution to Practice Winner,  David Guest

David Guest is Professor of Organizational Psychology and Human Resource Management at King’s College, London.  Prior to that he was professor and Head of the Department of Organizational Psychology as well as Pro-Vice Master at Birkbeck. 

He has researched and published extensively in human resource management, organisational performance and employee well-being; the role of the psychological contract; flexibility and employment contracts; partnership at work; and the changing nature of careers. He was director of the NIHR Patient Safety and Service Quality Research Centre. He is a past editor of JOOP and the BJIR and sits on several editorial boards.

Over the years he has worked closely with a number of companies and public sector organisations including Shell, IBM, HSBC, the Hong Kong MTRC, the Cabinet Office, the police and a number of government departments.  He has recently been voted by managers as one of the leading academic thinkers of the past decade.

2015 Volunteer of the Year Award Winner, Dr Almuth McDowall

Almuth has volunteered extensively with DOP in the work-life balance area, making great strides in moving this group on and building extensive connections with relevant organisations.  She has also been Chair of the Division and more recently has contributed in the critically important and challenging area of the DOP qualifications process.  As an academic and practitioner she has brought considerable knowledge and expertise to bear in a way that has enhanc

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