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We are keen to celebrate excellence, recognise success and share both innovations and best practice, the awards are an ideal way to do  this.

In our quest to deliver for our members, a review has taken place of the current awards, and some changes have taken place which include new Awards categories, new processes and judging.  These awards are FREE to enter.

We hope that these changes will provide a renewed energy and focus in our awards while providing some continuation of the fine awards we have run for many years, thus continuing our tradition.

Please see below details of the new Awards:

Lifetime Contribution to Occupational Psychology
Excellence in Occupational Psychology Practice
Excellence in Occupational Pscyhology Research
Student Prizes for Excellence in Occupational Pyschology x3
Long-time Active Service
Excellence in Occupational Psychology Practice (Early Career) New!
Excellence in Occupational Psychology Research (Early career) New!
Excellence in Occupational Psychology Policy Impact New!

Member support and contributions needed!

Organising the awards is a huge task, each award needs to be promoted, nominees contacted and judging panels convened.

If you would like to get involved please get in contact about joining the Awards and Recognition Strategy Group.

You may be able to lead on an award that is particularly appealing to you or have ideas about new awards that promote what we do.

Email: [email protected] with your details and we will contact you with more information.


Nominations will be opening shortly so start thinking about the 2018 nominations now!

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