Division of Occupational Psychology

DOP Chairs blog December 2016


Outward looking and making friends

As I prepare this first (and last) blog as the Chair of the Division of Occupational Psychology, I aim to provide some insights over the past year.

The DOP is not an island. It is a Division that is best served by having friends. We have been working more closely with other Member Networks, including Divisions and Branches. Since 2014, the President and Chairs from other Divisions and Special Groups have contributed to stimulating discussions at our annual conference and this will continue. If you attend conference and have not attended these sessions previously, you may wish to consider adding it to your conference schedule. In 2016, the discussion focused on Psychology: Is the public aware of its contribution to society? In 2017, the BPS President and Divisions & Special Groups Chairs will take part in a session Social Justice in the United Kingdom: The role of psychologists in supporting a ‘just’ perspective.

The conference serves also to invite our international colleagues to our discussions. For example, in 2016, the President of our own Society, Professor Jamie Hacker-Hughes, along with the Presidents of EAWOP, Professor Gudela Grote, and of SIOP, Professor Steve Kozlowski contributed to a discussion on having impact, Increasing the impact of psychology in public policy: An international perspective. In 2017, our Professional Leaders Panel Discussion: Psychology: One message or many? will include contributions from Nancy Tippins, SIOP’s representative, Steve Apps, ABP’s representative, Peter Kinderman, BPS President and Roxane L. Gervais, Chair, Division of Occupational Psychology.

As part of our Leadership Development Programme since 2015, the cadre has included DOP members, as well as those from the Division of Counselling Psychology. This miscellany has generated quite a lot of energy and synergy and has shown the benefits that diversity brings to any group.

The past Chairs of the Occupational Section and DOP met on 22nd April 2016 in London. This was a very productive meeting and progressed a history page for the Division. You will hear more about this at the conference, when the Division launches the page. This meeting was also to discuss the publication of a book on the history and achievements of occupational psychology, ‘looking back and moving forward’ a key theme in what we do and what we wish to accomplish. The past chairs were very interested in the project and the Division will move this forward in 2017. If you wish to contribute to this worthwhile publication, please get in touch.

The Division’s Working Groups are diligent in organising events for you the members and we hope that you find these useful. The DOP’s committee appreciate all feedback on what we do to progress the profession and the discipline. An overview of the Division is available in one of its most recent publications, Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP). Structure & Groups.

The Division contributes to those internal and external consultations to which the Society desires to have an input. The Division wishes to increase its contributions to these and thereby positively influence what happens in the workplace. If you wish to add your expertise to these consultations, please get in touch as you can make a difference.

You the members are the Division and the Division will only be stronger and more influential when we work together.

Roxane L. Gervais

Chair 2015-2017, Division of Occupational Psychology, British Psychological Society