Division of Occupational Psychology

Diversity & Inclusion


The Diversity and Inclusion at Work Group promotes the use of evidence to develop links between academic researchers and practitioners in diversity management.

We will do this by exploring the best academic research evidence available for understanding work and career experiences relating to diversity and inclusion and communicating this to diverse individuals, managers, HR and diversity professionals. We will review and develop resources to support this application of psychology to the workplace.

We aim to ensure that the consultancy, advice, development and training in the use of research and evidence that we offer is consistently informed by the psychology underpinning work and career experiences related to diversity and inclusion in the UK.

In the long term, our goal is to be recognised as a Centre of Excellence on the application of psychology for understanding work and career experiences relating to diversity and inclusion at work in the UK.

Our goals

  • Identify scientific psychological knowledge in the area of ethnic diversity in work and career experiences.
  • Articulate a valid and credible message to our audience to facilitate their understanding of the way ethnicity impacts on work and career experiences in the UK.
  • Transfer knowledge into practice in a valid and accessible form. Provide tools and resources to advance/support practice in this area.
  • Encourage research into ethnicity at work.
  • To promote diversity in the Division of Occupational Psychology

Working group members

How to get involved

There are various opportunities for you to link into the Working Group’s activities:

Join the Working Group 

We welcome new members joining the Working Group. We are all OP volunteers and we share the work between us. If you feel you would like to make a contribution to the Working Group’s activities, please contact Tinu Cornish

Be added to the Lyris list

The Lyris list is the way that we communicate with everyone interested in the activity of the Group. This is also the way that members circulate information about relevant events and copies of interesting papers and articles. To join the Lyris list please send an email to the List Administrator.

Join the Linkedin discussion group 

We have a discussion group for anyone interested in ethnic diversity at work issues. Join this Group.

Visit our blog 

Thomas Calvard has written a series of blogposts about diversity at work.

Write to the Chair 

We are very keen to hear from you any suggestions for future events or topics of issues the Working Group could explore. Please write to Tinu Cornish.

Plans for 2014

  • We will publish our systematic review on Inclusive Leadership and we will organise a conference on this theme
  • We are currently editing a book, Psychology of Ethnicity at Work
  • We shall award our Master's dissertation prize
  • We are organising two other learning and networking events

Recent activities

  • Launch of the JOOP special issue: Getting Diversity at Work to Work
  • Networking and Learning event: Getting Ahead While Being Black: Race, Gender, and the Dynamics of Discrimination and Social Hierarchy; by Professor Robert W. Livingston, University of Sussex (January 2014)
  • Networking and Learning event: The case of a UK based ethnicity driven social innovation in a fortune 100 company; Evidence based organisational psychology practice (May 2014)