Division of Occupational Psychology

DOP Excellence in Occupational Psychology Practice Award (Early Career)


The Excellence in Occupational Psychology Practice (Early Career) Award is a new award which celebrates the work of those who have qualified more recently, including trainees. We welcome nominations from or on behalf of Trainee or recently qualified Occupational Psychologists who have demonstrated excellence in practice.

Types of nominations

Nominations can be made either by or on behalf of a psychologist who conduct Occupational Psychology practice.

Entry criteria

Nominee must

  1. Any member of Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)
  2. May be an individual or a lead of a small collborarative team
  3. Be enrolled on a BPS accredited Qualification in Occupational Psychology 
  4. Be within five active years of your Master's degree      

Please note the term “active” is intended to exclude any period of career break and is full-time equivalent.


Can be anyone

Assessment criteria

We will be assessing the extent to which nominee/ small collaborative team has demonstrated excellence in Occupational Psychology Practice against the following areas. As an early career award, it will be evaluated in this context, and it is expected that this work will normally have been completed under supervision or following a period of recent supervision.

  1. Evidence base
    Quality of gathered information (theoretical / methodological basis / stakeholders / practitioners / organisational data)
  2. Execution
    How well they met the aims of the project (for example whether they challenged the brief, innovative solutions), ethical considerations for example ensuring competence to practice
  3. Impact
    To what extent did this work have an impact on individuals, organisations and stakeholders (for example contribution to learning
  4. Visibility
    To what extent does this work illustrate the value of Occupational Psychology

Each will be rated on a scale from 1-7 and a minimum of 16 points must be achieved in order to receive the award.

If no submissions of sufficient merit are received, no award will be made.

Guidance for nominations

You will need the following information

Nominee information:

(Q2*) Please select one, is the nomination for:

  • a) an individual
  • b) a small collaborative team

(Q3*) Nominee /Lead name

(Q4*) Nominee BPS number

(Q5*) Please provide the following details in relation to the Masters or doctoral research

  • a) Title
  • b) Date received
  • c) From what institution

(Q6*) Please tell us the names of all team members involved with this work

Nominator information (if applicable):

(Q7*) Nominator name

(Q8*) Nominator institution

You will also be asked to provide information in relation to the following questions:

(Q9*) Please provide a summary of the project (max 300 words)

(Q8) Please describe the brief and/or aims of the project (max 500 words)

(Q10*) Please provide details of how you developed the evidence for approach (including theoretical or research basis, methodology, ethics) and how this demonstrates excellence in practice (max 500 words)

(Q11*) Please provide details of how you delivered the project (including overcoming challenges, innovative practice) (max 500 words)

(Q12*) Please outline the impact on the work (for example benefits for clients, end users, contribution to individual and organisational learning etc) and how you evaluated this (max 500 words)

(Q13*) Please provide details of supervision / how you ensured competence to practice (max 500 words)

(Q14) Please provide any additional information you feel may be relevant (max 500 words)

How to apply

Nominations are to be made online via the following link:

Judging process

Awards will be judged by a panel of Occupational Psychologist, academics and representatives from our partners. Full information about our judges can be found online via the following link:

Nominations will close on Tuesday the 30th of October 2018 and the winner will be notified by Friday 16 November 2018.

The Awards

The presentation ceremony will be held on the evening of the 10 January 2019 at the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference Gala Dinner in Chester.

The winner will

  1. Receive a certificate
  2. Receive an award
  3. Be allocated a presentation slot during the DOP Annual Conference
  4. Expenses (travel costs (maximum £150) and the one day conference admission) will be covered