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Behaviour Change in Action Conference, 19 September 2016

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Behaviour change in action introduction

Behaviour change or lifestyle change

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The behaviour change wheel in action



Publications to download below:

Engage and change: occupational psychologists’ role in facilitating corporate responsibility

Going green: The psychology of sustainability in the workplace

Promoting environmental behaviour in the workplace: a survey of UK organisations 2010

Promoting environmental behaviour in the workplace: a survey of UK organisations 2012



The group aims to raise awareness of the role of occupational psychology (and psychology) in pro-environmental behaviour in the workplace – the relationship between science and practice.

When an organisation decides to adopt environmental sustainability as a goal, it commits to long term actions in a range of areas that lead to reductions in emissions of carbon and other key pollutants. This involves the development of Corporate Responsibility activities related to environmental issues.

Occupational psychologists are experts in the key areas of employee motivation and behaviour change through effective communication and training in the following areas:

  • Developing policies and procedures that lead to carbon reduction
  • Training managers and staff in green actions relating to energy use, waste management, reducing or eliminating pollution (water, air and noise)
  • Motivating employees to implement green polices such as waste management and travel plans
  • Engaging employees and giving them a voice in producing green polices and their implementation
  • Using effective change management principles
  • Designing tasks in an environmentally sustainable way
  • Designing work stations, systems and conduct environmental impact and risk assessments
  • Setting organisational and personal objectives for carbon reduction
  • Engaging employees in Corporate Responsibility activities


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Plans and activities for 2017

We plan to hold half day workshop sessions in March, May and November, as well as a full day conference in London in September. There will also be more presentations and workshop events around the country to spread the message about how psychology and psychologists can influence and take action in relation to pro-environmental behaviours at work.