Division of Occupational Psychology

Learning a Living (LAL)

In partnership with the BPS Professional Development Centre (PDC), the DOP's Learning a Living Committee offer a number of learning and continuing professional development (CPD) opportunities and events.

For information on current events being run by the Division, please visit the Events page.

The BPS CPD directory and information on proposing new events can be found on the Professional Development Centre (PDC) webpages.

Working group membership

  • Convenor (vacant)
  • Paul Dickens
  • Amanda Rosewarne
  • Vivienne Monk
  • Rachel Avery
  • Parvin Begum
  • Adam Chan
  • Kim Bradley-Cole
  • Tammy Tawadros

Call for new working group members

The Group is looking for several new volunteers to help with its work developing the learning programme for the Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP).

For more information and to apply for this role, please contact Hazel Lacey at [email protected] .