Division of Occupational Psychology

Lifetime Contribution to Occupational Psychology


The Lifetime Contribution to Occupational Psychology Award replaces the Lifetime Achievement Award. We welcome nominations on behalf of Occupational Psychologists and academic psychologists who conduct Occupational Psychology research and who have made an outstanding and sustained contribution professionally. This might be through work which has had a significant impact on the public, in developing our understanding of psychology in work contexts or sustantial contribution to the Division or former Section of Occupational Psychology.

Types of nominations
Nominations can be made either by or on behalf of DOP members. Where self nominations are made, we require a supporting nominator.

Entry criteria

Nominee must

  1. Be a Full Member of Division of Occupational Psychology (DOP)
  2. Have achieved an advanced stage in their career and may have retired

Can be anyone

Assessment criteria

We will be assessing the extent to which the nominee/small collaborative team have made an outstanding and sustained contribution professionally in the following areas which relate to our Strategic Plan. They may have demonstrated leadership in professional Society roles or within an academic or practice setting. Their impact may have been within the profession or across society and in government.

The following are examples of contexts in which you may have made a substantial contribution. These are not intended to be exhaustive or restrictive.

  1. significant contribution to the DOP in a leadership role
  2. significant contribution to the BPS in a leadership role (e.g. trustee or committee leadership)
  3. significant and substantial contribution to the understanding of an area of OP research/practice.
  4. contributed to a change in government policy
  5. contributed to a societal change
  6. contributed to raising standards
  7. raising the profile of Occupational Psychology
  8. broadening participation in Occupational Psychology
  1. Science
    To what extent has this person advanced knowledge or practice?
  2. Competence
    To what extent has this person's work ensured that new and existing members of the profession have the required skill sets to function effectively in their roles/ensured standards of practice fo those using OP methods
  3. Employability
    To what extent has this person promoted opportunites for the employment of occupational psychologists within diverse organisations
  4. Influence
    To what extent has this person impacted guidance and insight for policy makers, organisations, individuals, and stakeholders when making policy decisions that is informed by occupational psychology
  5. Visibility
    To what extent has this person increased the visibility of occupational psychology and raise public awareness of its contribution to society

Each will be rated on a scale from 1-7 and a minimum of 20 points must be achieved in order to receive the award.
If no submissions of sufficient merit are received, no award will be made.

Guidance for nominations

You will need the following information:

Nominee information

(Q2*) Nominee name

(Q3*) Nominee BPS number

(Q4*) Please provide details on how the nominee/lead has achieved an advanced stage in their career or details if the nominee\lead has retired from such role (max 300 words)

Nominator information (if applicable):

(Q5*) Nominator name
(Q6*) Nominator institution

You will also be asked to provide information in relation to the following questions:

(Q7*) Please provide an overview of the contexts which has made an outstanding contribution (max 300 words)

(Q8*) Please provide details of what was done/achieved to make an outstanding contribution (max 300 words)

(Q9*) Please provide ann explanation of the impact of the work (max 300 words)

How to apply

Nominations are to be made online via the following link:

Judging process

Awards will be judged by a panel of Occupational Psychologist, academics and representatives from our partners. Full information about our judges can be found online via the following link:

Nominations will close on Tuesday the 30th of October 2018 and the winner will be notified by Friday 16 November 2018.

The Awards

The presentation ceremony will be held on the evening of the 10 January 2019 at the Division of Occupational Psychology Annual Conference Gala Dinner in Chester.

The winner will

  1. Receive a certificate
  2. Receive an award
  3. Be allocated a presentation slot during the DOP Annual Conference
  4. Expenses (travel costs (maximum £150) and the one day conference admission) will be covered