Division of Occupational Psychology

Networking & Professional Development Working Group


The Networking and Professional Development Working Group (NPDWG) provides development and networking opportunities for current, and potential future DOP members.  We support individuals who are in-training or currently working within the field of Occupational Psychology, by providing valuable opportunities to build relationships with, and learn from their peers and others within the Occupational Psychology community where they live and/or work.  We also work to promote Occupational Psychology and careers within the field to a wider audience, by working with BPS branches, universities, client organisations and other relevant groups/bodies.  

Our objectives are to:

  • Create and publicise a calendar of events that consists of at least 10 events across at least 4 regions
  • To raise the profile of the NPDWG across the DOP:
    • To link up with at least 2 other NPDWG working groups in order to maximise opportunities for members to learn from, and hear about, the work that the DOP is doing
    • To write regular articles for ‘OP Matters’ reviewing networking and development events that have taken place, and publicising those that are planned in future
    • To have a presence at the 2017 and 2018 DOP conference
  • To link up with as many regional BPS branches as possible, in order to maximise opportunities to provide developmental and networking support to DOP members
  • To create a working group that consists of representatives from at least 5 of the BPS branches

Working group members

Any enquiries regarding this Working Group or potential events should be directed to the DOP Chair, please email [email protected]

North East of England

Laura Neale

Roxane Gervais

Julie Freeborn

Marjorie Raymond

Olivia Bell


Bhavika Sachania


South Central




Janet Fraser


We are always looking for volunteers to join our group!

Why get involved?

It’s a great way to develop you own personal network and continuing professional development, whilst providing an invaluable source of CPD opportunities for OPs within your area.


How can you get involved?

If you are interested in joining the group and would like to learn more about what this might look like, please contact Hazel Lacey at:  [email protected]