Division of Occupational Psychology

Science & Practice

The Science and Practice Strategy Group coordinates and supports the activities of eight of the Division’s working groups. Its main objectives are to  ensure that DOP’s Science and Practice activities align to the BPS and DOP’s Strategic Objectives and thereby offer clear member benefits. This includes building bridges across working group activities, and assisting to coordinate DOP conference presence. The Working Groups are:

* Assessment Centre Standards

* Board Effectiveness

* Diversity & Inclusion at Work

* Going Green

* Neuro-diversity & Employment

* The Psychology of Health & Wellbeing

* Youth Employment

* Work-Life Balance

One recent activity in which the Strategy Group was involved, was to present at the 10th International Conference of the British Dyslexia Association (BDA) on 12 March 2016. Dr. Rainer Hermann Kurz, the Science & Practice Convener, held a cross-disciplinary Symposium ‘Psychological Perspectives on the Assessment of Dyslexia: Pitfalls & Advances’ that brought together Occupational Psychologists, a Dyslexia Therapist and a Specialist Teacher with a MBPsS degree.

Nancy Doyle, convener of the Neuro-diversity & Employment WG, discussed coaching as a reasonable adjustment for adults. Christina Jubb presented her unique approach to multi-sensory therapy for mind, body and soul. Alastair Coomes showed how reflection on a set of differential ability profiling lead to a follow-up assessment with the Spadafore Listening Comprehension test that held the key to understanding cognitive functioning. Rainer Kurz presented comprehensive ability and personality assessment data of a ‘Twice Exceptional’ individual that arose from his Pro Bono work with abuse victims.

The symposium was attended by 50 delegates with several commenting on the importance of high assessment standards when diagnosing dyslexia, neuro-diverse conditions and parenting fitness in forensic settings.

It prompted discussions how tricky ‘fringe’ subjects should be tackled.


To view the presentations for this external event please click on the link below:




Dr Rainer Hermann Kurz, Chartered Psychologist
DOP Science & Practice Strategy Group Convener 

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