Division of Occupational Psychology

Stage 2 Review

The DOP Professional Education Strategy Group, the Occupational Psychology Qualifications Board and the DOP Training Committee are working together to review and revise the Stage 2 qualification process for the training and accreditation of occupational psychologists.

Stage 1 review

The Division has completed its review of the Stage 1 (MSc level) curriculum for occupational psychology resulting in revision to the way in which the knowledge base is delivered.

Although much of this represents a reorganisation of the curriculum to reflect current working practices, rather than a change to the knowledge base itself, one of the outcomes has been to reduce the number of areas covered by the curriculum from the traditional eight knowledge areas to five broad areas, plus an area for research competence and one for applying psychology to the workplace.

This change not only necessitates a revision to our Stage 2 qualification but also provides us with an opportunity to review the way in which Stage 2 has traditionally been organised to develop a new qualification which is more aligned to current practice.